Guide 2020 educational toys and STEAM

Guide 2020 educational toys and STEAM

Our children are very lucky, there is an incredible variety of fun toys, well designed and oriented to awaken STEAM skills. My husband Dani always says that if he were a boy now, his head would explode to choose his birthday gift.

Give away educational toys and STEAM

Give away educational toys and STEAM

In the last Christmas campaign and the Three Kings invited us to participate in an article about STEM Toys. In the blog we talked a couple of years ago about what STEM toys are and what skills they play. In that article they chose a part of our recommendations so we have created an updated and much more extensive guide with the best STEAM toys divided by areas of knowledge ( Science , Engineering , Technology , Art and Mathematics ). You will notice that with almost everyone, more than one STEAM discipline is promoted.

If you have to make a birthday gift, communion or any other celebration such as Christmas or the Three Kings, here are a few proposals. There are STEAM gifts for less than 10 euros! By clicking on each image, you will go to the discipline with all the ideas and recommendations. Winter 2020 updated edition!

STEAM Science Toys (S)

For children who like to experiment with biology, geology, chemistry, physics or the human body.

STEAM Tech Toys (T)

For kids maker , who start programming or like robots. Toys that combine the physical with the interactive, that promote an active use of screens, with an open and attentive mind.

STEAM Engineering Toys (E)

For children engineers and mechanics, toys to build and destroy, to discover and experiment with mechanisms, pulleys and gears.

STEAM Art Toys (A)

For children @ who like to dance, paint, dress up, invent comic characters or model. Toys to enjoy combining artistic expression and imagination with any other discipline.

STEAM Math Toys (M)

For children who like numbers, geometric shapes and mathematical challenges. Games and toys for the little ones who love to give the coconut to solve problems.

2 reasons are enough: why buy STEAM toys?

They are great to have fun and learn. Your child does not have to have a technical, scientific or research profile, they are all toys to promote innovation-related skills but focusing on one or the other skills or interests.They are an investment. You won’t be bored of them in 1 week. At home we have seen how children make the most of them, using these toys in different ways.

Pink or blue toys?

The theme of toys, books, diaries, colors … separated for boys or girls overwhelms us a lot. In this guide there are no boys ‘or girls’ toys (although we have published some articles about toys thinking about promoting robotics among girls …). We believe that prejudices about toys for boys or girls are transmitted between parents, friends, family and the media. All of the toys we recommend are perfect for boys and girls, although most items use only one gender for simplicity.