The best STEM toys

The best STEM toys

Holidays are just around the corner and the toy catalogs invade us. That is why we want to present you a selection with the best  STEM toys ( Science , Technology , Engineering , Math ). They are educational toys based on the STEM methodology and focused on showing and teaching concepts about science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a practical and enjoyable way. As the experts say “STEM toys will make your child a future engineer, scientist or programmer .”



Colby the mouse is a very good introduction to programming with an all-inclusive kit: the programmable robot, the board pieces, the activities, and the cheese. A great option for those looking for a toy without a display that is educational and fun. Colby is endearing and can be worn anywhere.


With Korbo, children’s creativity has no limits, since they will be able to build their own structures on the move. Korbo is a combination of creative and educational cubes based on cog wheels. This highly educational toy makes children learn simple mechanics principles , develop spatial imagination and critical thinking.


This cute, hand-coded wooden toy for kids ages 3+ combines Montessori learning principles with computer programming principles . Children can use it even if they can’t read because they use a set of colorful code blocks to help Cubet find his way home. 


A magnetic construction kit with simple shapes (bars and spheres) to form abstract three-dimensional sculptures for young children. The game dynamics are very simple and intuitive: the kids have to fit the connectors with the pieces to form the figures.


The Codi-caterpillar features nine easy-to-connect pieces that young children can order over and over to “tell” the toy how they want it to move: forward, left, right, swinging, dancing, or even waiting for a couple of seconds before moving again. A super fun way to introduce younger children to STEM toys.


Children will have fun while developing motor skills by taking a step, jumping or turning. This game introduces children to the basic principles of coding and programming without electronics. A game where the whole family can participate and have fun.


Robot Turtles is a board game of a lifetime but designed for children to learn the principles of programming. It is simple, fun, for the whole family and quite inexpensive.


Basic construction kit for children and adults to enjoy and learn about mechanics, technology and motors . It is composed of blocks and modules in the form of cubes that are assembled to create different robots and remote control cars, via bluetooth.


Kit consisting of 6 modular electronic blocks that can be assembled together without cables, only via Bluetooth. With Sam Racer they can be resourceful, building and programming their own cars . They only have to choose the speed, the control mechanisms, direction … and they will discover how to win your opponent.


A LEGO construction game with the most advanced technology to unleash creativity, where you can build and program any of the 5 models that this toolbox presents. It is connected via Bluetooth, and exclusively through a tablet. Great for LEGO lovers who want to develop the programmer within them.


Dr. Eureka is a game of mental and manual speed as it is about solving a logical puzzle by moving colored balls between test tubes, but without them falling, and trying to be the first person to reach the solution.


First steps in the world of electronics . The battery holders, motors, loudspeakers, propellers, switches, bulb holders with bulbs, magnets, etc., connect without tools to create the 198 assemblies that appear in the manual.


Makeblock’s mBot is one of the best educational robotics kit for kids. It is a configurable robot, ideal to get started in robotics , programming and electronics, based on the Arduino UNO, which you can use with your Smartphone or computer (with bluetooth). The assembly is very simple and programming it is very easy and if you already know Scratch … even more. And you can expand the robot with advanced kits from the brand itself.


Children can transform into true scientists and immerse themselves in the fun world of science such as biology, chemistry, physics, and geology. How to change the color of a flower and collect fingerprints, how to separate mixtures and make spectacular chemical explosions, how to simulate the formation of a mountain and make an extraordinary volcanic eruption and much more.


Sphero Mini is the reduced version of Sphero 2.0, the restless and fun ball that allows you to learn programming or just have fun with it. It is controlled by smartphone through its app and is accompanied by 3 mini cones and 6 mini bowling pins to improve your driving skills or learn to program your driving. You can also manage mini sphero with face gestures thanks to facial recognition.