What are stem toys and why do we love them?

What are stem toys and why do we love them?

Many of you have asked us what STEM toys are and which of our games are. To shed some light on the matter, we’ll start from the bottom:

The toys that a child enjoys during the 12-13 years will influence their tastes, knowledge and personality. That is why more and more it is betting on bringing them closer, in a pleasant way, to technologies and mathematics. Many classes are beginning to introduce them to the topic with the game as a teaching tool. I wish it had been like this when we studied!

What does STEM mean?

What does STEM mean?
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

So STEM toys are those with which they have fun learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics -In Spanish CTIM-. According to experts, many of today’s children will work in jobs that do not yet exist , so it is important to ask them questions and propose challenges to solve and experiments with scientific toys.

STEM toys also break gender stereotypes and educate equality, both boys and girls play astronauts, buildings or computers together. And we love that!

Therefore, we bring you some STEM game ideas with which you will spend hours browsing and having fun:


There are different versions to choose the one that best suits you. They will learn about construction and spatial vision because they pose engineering problems.


They are nestable mathematical cubes with which they will learn more easily the first mathematical challenges: counting, adding, subtracting, classifying, place value, measurements.

3D Puzzle Earth Globe

Knowing the world around us is super important and there is no better way to learn geography than by playing! For this reason, puzzle lovers will love this 540-piece 3D puzzle, in which they will discover step by step each country, ocean and continent on planet Earth. (and, being in 3D, they will work spatial intelligence)

Korbo 180 pieces

Construction toy with gears, for children to learn the basic principles of mechanics and engineering. They also develop spatial imagination and critical thinking. They will spend hours and hours watching how the movement of some cogwheels affects others, and brainstorming ideas for the most interesting structures. Just let your imagination run wild!

Newmero Small Pack

Some blocks that will help them understand the numbers and how the number system works. For example, 11 is bigger than 7, and 534 is only 500 + 30 + 4. Even the smallest will be able to play, only the exercises will have to be adapted according to the players.

The Offbits

The Offbits is an “open source” building system based on do-it-yourself kits , and it will become a fun way to learn basic engineering concepts and enhance creative development and fine motor skills.